Glamour Marks the Spot for the Winter Ball
by Frenchy Falik
Published in: Paper City Magazine - April 2003

Location, Location, Location.  It can make or break any event.  And for this one, the Winter Ball, which annually benefit's the Chron's & Colitis Foundation of America, the fact that the fund-raiser took place at caterer Jackson Hicks' spectacular new Corinthian added an extra spark of spunk -- especially since this was the first time most of the 740 guests had seen this downtown space at Franklin and Main.  As we always say... every gala needs a gimmick.  And no doubt, this venue added verve.

People were impressed by the grandeur of the renovated building, with its stunning marble interior and long narrow colonnade of Corinthian columns.  Even though 49 tables were downstairs around the dance floor and the other 27 tables were upstairs around the balcony, the division simply provided another level of partying...