The Perfect Location
Top picks for your wedding and reception
by Nicole Burnbam Onsi
Published in: Weddings in Houston Magazine


If you’re looking for a reception that your friends and relatives will be talking about for years, one with all the bells and whistles, look no further than catering legend Jackson Hicks of Jackson and Company. Hicks has hosted elaborate parties for Bill Clinton and the British royal family, but he’s also done weddings for as few as 30 guests in the bride’s home. No matter what the size or location, guests will leave a Jackson & Company-catered reception feeling pampered.

For a grand fête, consider having your reception at The Corinthian, which is served exclusively by Jackson and Company. Located at the corner of Main and Franklin in Houston’s downtown historic district, The Corinthian boasts a neoclassical colonnade with twenty columns, an aisle over one hundred twenty-five feet long, and a grand staircase, making it the perfect site for both your wedding and reception, if you’d like to have both events at the same site. Between the double rows of columns, you can easily seat up to 500 guests, though a sit-down for up to 1,000 may also be gracefully done. For a stand-up reception of cocktails, The Corinthian’s capacity is nearly double that. The majestic backdrop allows for a wide range of decorating options, from the grand and traditional to the fun and flamboyant. For more information, pricing, photos, and even floor plans, check out


For a smaller wedding, say 150 guests or fewer, Hicks suggests brides investigate the River Oaks Garden Center, the Gardens at Bammel Lane, or The Parador. Another intimate option: the Empire Room at the Rice, which has seating for sixy. A small wedding, held at an appropriate location, can be just as glamorous or as exciting as a larger one, Hicks asserts.

For weddings where a bride expects 300-400 guests, Hicks says that, increasingly, brides are selecting one of the larger homes around Houston, because an area of the garden can be tented. “Having a wedding at a large home with an open yard provides a unique setting for a reception,” he claims. “There are many brides who don’t want the same country club or hotel ballroom where they’ve already attended 20 of their friends’ weddings.”

But no matter where you choose to host a Jackson and Company catered wedding, you know the evening is going to go off without a hitch. “We’re known for our reliability,”says Hicks. “Things simply do not slip through the cracks. We also believe in a businesslike approach. We want brides to know what the costs and potential pitfalls will be right up front. By putting our years of experience to work for your particular wedding, we can also save you time and effort. For instance, we can project costs of floating budget items such as alcohol consumption, and help you adjust your selections to keep your spending where you want it to be.” To find out more about what Jackson and Company has to offer, as well as information on many of Houston’s popular wedding venues, visit their website at