All wines and spirits must be provided by The Corinthian.

It is the policy of Jackson and Company and The Corinthian to serve alcoholic beverages in a professional manner which conforms to the requirements of the law and which is intended to promote responsible consumption.

No alcoholic beverages may be sold or served to any person under the age of twenty-one (21), the legal age for consumption in all of the United States.

No alcoholic beverages may be sold or served to any person who is visibly intoxicated.


All catering and food service must be provided by Jackson and Company.


Vendors such as decorators, florists, audio/visual resources, entertainers must be approved by the management and comply with all insurance and other requirements as established by The Corinthian.


Valet Services, if required, will be contracted by Jackson and Company. Jackson and Company staff will determine the number of valet parkers needed for the event. The client will be billed for these services, as well as the required parking spaces, in addition to The Corinthian site rental fee.


Personal and Business Checks will be accepted as payment. Insufficient funds checks submitted as deposits will result in the immediate cancellation of the event reservation.


Full payment of the venue rental fee is required to confirm the space. Although The Corinthian is pleased to place a "tentative hold" on a date, no confirmation will be made without full payment of the rental fee. A "hold" does not constitute a booking. Rental fees are nonrefundable. Additional deposits may be required prior to the event date for other event services such as food and beverage.


Charity Fundraisers, Wedding Ceremonies and Wedding Receptions, Social Parties, Holiday Parties, Galas, Corporate Parties, Photo Shoots, Performance Events, Television and Movie Filming.


The guest space at the Corinthian totals over 23,000 square feet making The Corinthian one of the largest special event venues in Houston. The number of guests that can be accommodated depends upon the specific event's requirements and design.


Decorations may not be attached to walls, columns or railings. All decor must comply with all City of Houston codes and ordinances. A complete rendering of all decorative plans and a list of related vendors must be submitted for The Corinthian review and approval 30 days prior to your event.


Any use of pyrotechnics or display of fireworks is strictly prohibited at The Corinthian.


A damage deposit will be required at least thirty days prior to the event by The Corinthian. The client assumes full liability for damages to the premises either by outside vendors they contract or by guests attending the function.


The Corinthian is a NON SMOKING venue.  The use of cigarettes, cigars and pipes are prohibited.



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