This magnificent neoclassical building at the corner of Main Street and Franklin was completed in 1905 as the home of the First National Bank, an institution which played an important role in the growth and development of Houston. At the turn of the twentieth century, it was not only the first steel structure in the city, but at an impressive eight stories was also one of the tallest buildings in the state - a skyscraper of its day!

The Corinthian occupies the first and mezzanine levels of the edifice: these were the elegant former reception areas once known as "The Great Hall" extending a full city block from Main to Fannin. Its most stunning feature is a majestic colonnade of Corinthian columns soaring to a height of 35 feet to support the original intricately decorated plaster ceiling. In the rear wall, a towering but long-forgotten Palladian window was uncovered in the process of an exacting restoration. The window is flanked by a graceful double stairway leading to the upper level.

The Corinthian is an integral part of Houston's Downtown Historical District and an exceptional venue for your most special events.


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